Sunday, February 15, 2015

February Fun - My Valentines!

This is Miss Hanna, she is helps us a few days a week and we love her completely!  The kids adore her and she is nothing but a blessing to our lives.  Roo looks terrible in this pic but this picture captures the essence of Hanna!  She and her boyfriend Travis invited us over for a lunch and we had a wonderful time.  The electric piano was the kids favorite part.

Roo absolutely LOVED it!  He even sang! They are the most precious beings!  I am so lucky to be their mama.

Roo, how did we ever get along without you!

Laila has taught him to do somersaults! 

You are such a ray of sunshine!

Daddy and his boys! Their all brown!

My first and second.

This is the way we do dishes.  Its much more interesting don't you think!

This was our Valentines scavenger hunt!  This year we did 18 clues, our biggest hunt yet and they did great.  Jai said he got a little lazy and lost a bit of interest but he came back around at the end.  I love our tradition and they talk about it for weeks leading up to the event.  

Manik is the official clue reader. Laila told me later she preferred my clues to be rhyming.  I will have to try harder next year ;)

The kids were running around so much Roo had a hard time keeping up.  He was ready for a nap when it was all over!

The prize at the end! Well worth it!

 We have been having a burst of Spring weather in early February.  We will most likely pay for this dearly but while it lasts we are spending lots of time outside.  Laila loves climbing this tree and has gotten quite confident with her abilities.

I adore this picture.  Laila and her loyal subjects!  I honestly think Rohan was trying to figure out how he could climb up too!  

Thursday, January 15, 2015

January Update

Hi All,

Well Rohan is quickly turning into a playmate for Laila and Jai.  I have looked over to see Laila and Jai playing Star Wars with lightsabers and Rohan is right there with them with a mini sword laila made for him!  He is not wanting to be left out!  He is still a two toothed monster but it doesn't slow him down one bit and eats anything we do.  He makes us all laugh and is a great source of entertainment! I love watching them incorporating him into their play.  It very interesting to see their dynamics change and grow as he grows.

Laila started her guitar lessons and is really enjoying them.  She is very motivated to learn. I can't wait till she conquers her first song.

Jai, is counting down the days until his birthday and asking for every lego set he sees!  

Daddy and Roo

Painting on a cold and dreary day!

We had a day that was 60 and beautiful and we look the kids on a walk.  Rohan was great and actually got quite far but was easily distracted by eating ice and snow.  Get a load of those lashes!

Dino Roo

My sweet thing! 


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas in Oklahoma

What a wonderful Christmas!  We had an amazing time eating, drinking and playing! Laila and Jai were thrilled to be back with their cousins.  Wilder, Finny, Marin and Jillian all had a blast hanging out, playing and watching movies.  Rohan thought the whole thing was rather overwhelming.  He wasn't happy unless I was within a foot of him the entire time.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of this but on our first evening in town Elizabeth, Jason, Manik, Arjun and I went bowling at this awesome new retro bowling alley.  It was like old time and we all had a blast.  Arjun, who is normally find bowling challenging, did fantastic!  It was great to see him find his groove.  Jason won every game but we gave him a run for his money. The bowling alley had tally sheets where you kept your score by hand. Manik, who grew up in a bowling alley, loved this!  Throughout the night he was helping all the young people who played in the lane next to us keep score.  I saw him repeatedly erase the "kids" score keeping and correct it.  I found this very humorous. 

On Christmas Eve we went to the early evening Mass and it was very eventful.  Rohan thought this was a great opportunity to roam the isles.  He made lots of friends.  Wilder and Finny lasted their longest time yet, a whole 16 minutes.  Wilder isn't such a big fan of God Love and decided he was better off just leaving.  The rest of Mass was pretty normal and a nice reminder of the real meaning of Christmas.  Manik and Elizabeth made dinner and it was out of this world!  Like I said we did a lot of eating......and drinking :)

40 never looked so good!

Mama and her boys

E and Mom

Mom and I at church, saving pews

Roo not sitting in a pew

My brother 

Caught ya Jai!

My baby and I

Grandma and her girls

My and My Love

Christmas morning we were woken by six very excited kiddos!  There was zero organization and it was a wonderful mess of presents, wrapping paper and lots of smiles and excitement! Laila was very purposeful in her request for a Christmas present from Santa.  She took weeks to come up with something to ask from Santa. She finally came to me late in December and asked for a musical instrument.  She narrowed it down to a piano or a guitar. I was so thankful that Santa went with a guitar!

Jai wants only legos and legos alone!  He was also quite happy with his Godfathers gift of a spiderman copter!

The sweetest Finny and his Ha-Hawk. He melts all our hearts.

Wilder got a bike, and no less than 15 minutes later he was a competent bike rider. Training wheels are for sissies!

Poor Roo was not the happiest of campers but I am pretty sure next Christmas things will go better for him :)

Preparing our next meal. We were always ready for another!

Manik and Mom

Jai and I working on one of many Lego sets that day.



Mar Mar, the most laid back chill kid! 

 Our hosts!  Thank you for an wonderful Christmas!  We love you guys, but were still number one!

 Roo and his Godfather!


Scott and Jen

Christmas night a family friend of Jason and Elizabeth stopped by.  Dylan turned out to play guitar and while Laila strummed he played the chords. She was mesmerized by the whole event. It was a beautiful gift and I love Dylan for doing that with her.

So cheers to all and a happy New Year!