Thursday, January 15, 2015

January Update

Hi All,

Well Rohan is quickly turning into a playmate for Laila and Jai.  I have looked over to see Laila and Jai playing Star Wars with lightsabers and Rohan is right there with them with a mini sword laila made for him!  He is not wanting to be left out!  He is still a two toothed monster but it doesn't slow him down one bit and eats anything we do.  He makes us all laugh and is a great source of entertainment! I love watching them incorporating him into their play.  It very interesting to see their dynamics change and grow as he grows.

Laila started her guitar lessons and is really enjoying them.  She is very motivated to learn. I can't wait till she conquers her first song.

Jai, is counting down the days until his birthday and asking for every lego set he sees!  

Daddy and Roo

Painting on a cold and dreary day!

We had a day that was 60 and beautiful and we look the kids on a walk.  Rohan was great and actually got quite far but was easily distracted by eating ice and snow.  Get a load of those lashes!

Dino Roo

My sweet thing!