Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 31 - A storm is on its way!

Well the weathermen are very excited about the snow storm making its way to OKC tonight! They are predicting we will get 12 - 18 inches of snow and some very cold wind chills. I am looking forward to seeing Laila and Jai's reaction to the snow. Laila has seen snow but was really to young to understand. We stocked up on all the necessities so we are ready for the "blizzard"! How wild is it that two days ago we were enjoying 70 degree weather and now we are getting a blizzard, welcome to Oklahoma!

In other news, I broke our computer a few nights ago. I was fighting a head cold and had taken a few Benadryl’s and had to wake up in the middle of the night to soothe Jai and hit a glass of water on my nightstand. I was so out of it, that it spilled on our laptop and I dried it off but not very well. As a result it was fried, everything was saved on it! All our pictures, personal files, my internet favorites :( . Manik is going to take it to a friend of his to see if we can save the hard drive. We have a back up computer but it is almost shot as well. I am hoping we can find a good deal on a new one.

I got a few pics of the kids after their bath, sorry but they aren't the best.

Sweet dreams,

XOXO Heidi

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 30 - Heaven and no picture Sunday

It has been two long years since Manik and I have both got to sleep in together.  Usually one of us gets up with the kids while the other gets a few extra z's.  Well I guess the kiddos decided to give us a very early Christmas present!  This morning Jai and Laila woke up around 7:30 and just talked to each other.  It was so nice to just hear them chatting to each other and not crying for us to come and get them!  I tell ya it was heaven!  They lasted until 8am and we were so thankful, it felt wonderful to just lay there and get out of bed when we to wanted and not on someone demand.  I could really get used to that! 

Hope everyone has a good week!

XOXO Heidi

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 29 - Another great day!

Oh my, oh my!  What a day!  We played outside for hours today!  These kiddos are going to sleep well tonight!  It was wonderful to just sit outside and watch the kids play! 

This kind of weather has me thinking about planting my spring flowers and this year I am going to grow a garden.  I am thinking of growing tomatoes, squash, snow peas, peppers and maybe some onions.  My only concern is trying to keep the dogs and stray cats out of my garden.  For some reason the stray cats in our neighborhood have gotten out of control.  I might have to get creative and rig up some kind of fence.  I think Laila and Jai will also enjoy the garden, I know Laila will LOVE harvesting the veggies! 

Wilder, Elizabeth and Tim came over to watch KU play this evening, Manik made his famous kima and we all enjoyed an amazing feast! 

XOXO Heidi

Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 28 - 72 Degrees!!!

I am not sure what tricks God is trying to play on us but I am willing to play along!  This time of year is usually the worst for us and here we are enjoying 72 degree weather!  It felt so good to soak up some sun and be able to be outside for hours and hours!  Laila and Jai were so content just hanging out in the backyard and then moving to the front yard to pull some weeds!  Of course we are going to pay for this beautiful weather, it looks like sleet and snow on Monday.  I hope that Mother Nature takes it easy on us! 

Happy Friday everyone!  Much love and hope you all, sleep tight!

XOXO Heidi

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 27 - Give him a good book!

I was so impressed tonight when I went in to give AJ some hot chocolate and found him READING!  His newest kick is watching MacGuiver, he recieved two box sets for Christmas and has been addicted ever since.  Lucky me, I get to hear all the amazing things MacGuiver stopping a nuclear blast with chocolate...yeah I didn't get it either!  So you can imagine my surprise when I found him reading instead!  He is always surprising me! 

And of course I can't pass up the opportunity to put a picture of sweet Jai Jai on the blog! 

XOXO Heidi

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 26 - Shaving the mustache

Well Arjun has finally become a man, at least in the facial hair sense!  Arjun got a wild "hair" yesterday to shave his milk mustache, so Manik got him a razor and he did the deed.  He is so squirrly, he kept going into the bathroom to look at himself.  I guess that is thirteen for ya! 

The cousins went to the park today for a few minutes, it was a bit colder than we expected so we kept the outing short.  Jai LOVED the swing!  He just kept saying "wheeeeee" each time I pushed him, he was having a blast!!

And of course the trip wouldn't be complete without Laila's help!  She insisted that she help push Wilder's stroller! 

I can't tell you how thrilled I am that my days revolve around naps, kissing booboos and trips to the park.  I am truly blessed with two beautiful, healthy and hilarious babies, not to mention one very sweet thirteen year old!  My cup runneth over!

XOXO Heidi

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 25 - Time with Grandma and Wilder

Laila had MDO out today so Jai and I just hung out at home!  It is always nice being home with just Jai because it is so much quieter without Laila.  It is just nice to be able to give Jai Jai my undivided attention and just hang out!  He is using his voice alot more and pointing at different things that grab his attention.  The dogs usually get him the most excited! 

After we picked Laila up from MDO we went to visit Grandma and Wilder.  I got some great pics of all the cousins!

XOXO Heidi

He is so onery!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 24 - Buddha

Oh I know this post is going to make two people very very happy! Ranjna and Kapil this is just for you!

Recently when Manik and I were cleaning out some cupboards we came upon a Buddha that Manik's parents had given us. Today while Jai was taking a nap Laila and I were hanging out in our room. Until we find the perfect place for Buddha he has been hanging out on Manik's bedside table. Well Laila has become totally fascinated with him!

This morning Laila and I were hanging out in our bedroom while Jai was napping. She eventually grew bored of Sesame Street and set her sights on Buddha! He kept her entertained for about 20 minutes! It was hilarious, she was holding and cooing to him like he was her baby. I grabbed my camera and got some great pics!

Enjoy the pics!

Ohhh Buddha soo cute!

Found Buddha's nose!

Oh lucky belly!

Gotta get that burp out!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 23 - Oh Shit! and no picture Sunday

Laila and I went to church this morning, she is my perfect little Church companion. I am always very proud of how well she behaves for her age. Now I am not saying she doesn't talk or get a little loud very now and again but for the most part she does great. She starts with taking in everyone sitting around us, and then digs into the snacks. Next comes mastering the kneeler and moving back and forth from sitting on the pew to the kneeler. And so on and so on. My favorite is when you shake the hands of those around you and offer peace to each of them. Laila really enjoys shaking everyones hands!

Today after Mass was over we went closer to the alter to see the statues of Joseph holding Baby Jesus and then a seperate statue of Mary. Laila really like Mary and said goodbye to her repeatedly.

As we were walking to the car I said "Man it is sooo cold!" and Laila replies, "Oh shit, oh shit, Mama so cold!"!!! I couldn't help myself, I just burst out laughing! And of course I have no one to blaim but myself because I am the only one in our household who says "shit" on a regular basis. I suppose that is what happens when you have a little sponge taking in everything you say every hour of the day!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

XOXO Heidi

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 22 - Time with Dad

I am not sure where the time went but the day flew by!  Arjun had a game today and I had to spend two hours working the school gym concession stand so that left Manik home to watch the kiddos for a few hours.  I love when I have been away for a few hours because when I come home I am greeted like I have been gone for days!  Laila gives me tons of kisses and hugs and Jai won't let me put him down. 

I also got a look at Jai's new move!  Being the younger of the two he has figured out how to fight whenever Laila starts to push him away, from whatever toy she is assuming ownership of at the time, he just latches onto her.  Now when I say latch I mean he grabs whatever he can get, be it hair, clothes, and trust me he has a VERY strong grip.  Of course you can imagine where it goes from there, picture screaming, tears and lots of drama!  I will try and capture of pic of this tomorrow so you can have a visual!

Here are a few cute pics Manik got of Laila in her tent! 

Lastly, I would love to get your comments!  So if you have any questions, requests or just want to say hi I would love to hear from you!

XO Heidi

Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 21 - Jai's First Shoes

Jai has graduated from socks to his first pair of shoes and they are ADORABLE!  My favorite brand of shoes for babies is Robeez.  They have a wonderful soft sole and they have some really cute options.  Jai seems to have taken to his shoes but I wasn't able to get a very good pic.  Dad brought them home when it was close to dinnertime and Jai was kind of cranky. 

Manik and I are going out for dinner and a drink or two! I can't wait! We are headed to a sushi joint and then a ritzi hotel bar afterward for a nightcap! Thank you Arjun for sitting for us!

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!

XO Heidi

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 20 - Lost: Baby Wilder, Let's Paint!

Well I'm not sure how we did it but we managed to lose not one but two of Laila's babies.  We noticed last night that she went to bed without any of her babies (she has two of the exact same baby).  And luckily she didn't really seem to notice until it was naptime this afternoon.  I searched the entire house, my car and any other nook and crannie I could think luck.  I also called and checked with Elizabeth and was told that "yes" baby Wilder was there but it was the real one not the stuffed kind!

As a result once Laila (eventually) went down for a nap Jai and I headed out and bought a new Baby!  Thank goodness she didn't seem to notice or mind that it was brand new!  A part of me feels like I should have taken advatage of this opportunity to break her of her attachment to Baby but I just couldn't do it.  I warms my heart to see her loving her baby, burping her, putting her down for naps and giving her sweet kisses!
Baby Wilder #3

Laila also did some beautiful artwork this morning, it is always entertaining to watch how little minds work!  She loved the painting but was immidiately upset if any of the paint got on her.  I have a feeling that Jai will never have that problem!  

"Mama, clean your hand!"  God forbid she get dirty!

A masterpeice in the making!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 19 - 10 months and berry smoothies!

I wish I was one of those moms who took a specific picture each month of thier baby's first year of life.  I wish I was that organized and consistent but alas I am not.  I am actually very proud of myself that I have kept up this blog everyday, usually I will keep with something for a few weeks and then it just seems to slowly disaapear but I degress.  Jai turned 10 months today!  He also clearly signed "more" for me today!  We have been working on it for a few months so it is so gratifying to see the light go on for him today!  He is growing by leaps and bounds and turning into his own little person with a temper and desires of his own.  So Happy Ten Months Jai Bug, we love you!

Jai Mahant Suri 3/19/2010

Happy Ten Month Jai Jai!

One of my favorite afternoon snacks is a berry/banana smoothy!  I have found the perfect combo and it is a sure winner everytime! 

2 bananas - the more ripe the better
1 cp frozen mixed fruit (my favorite is Great Value Berry Medley)
1cp plain yogurt
(Serves two)
Combine in blender and blend until smooth.  You can vary for your personal taste!

Um, yeah that started as my cup and ended as hers!

More Please!

Berry Good!


XO Heidi