Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 13 - Terrible two's have arrived early

Well it looks as though I am getting a taste of the terrible two's a little early. Today during bathtime Laila kept putting her feet on Jai, after being told to stop she would look at me, smile a little smile and do it again!! I tell ya sometimes I wonder who really is in control! She was swiftly put in a timeout wet and all. I was hoping for some crying or a little show of upset emotion, nope...totally content and sitting in her bed waiting for me to come and get her. I am not sure if these timeouts really do the job or not. I guess time will tell! I am praying for extra patience tonight as I feel like I am going to need it over the next few weeks!

Tomorrow we are having Lucy and Wilder over! Fun times at the Suri house!

Dear Lord, Please grant me oodles and oodles of patience and serenity!

XO Heidi

P.S. Some pics of previous (less stressful baths!)pics!