Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 15 - "Laila needs that"

Laila's vocabulary is growing by the day and sometimes it feels like it grows and changes by the hour! Her newest phrase is "Laila needs that" or "Laila wants that" and it doesn't really matter what "that" is. Sometimes "it" is a toy or my camera or Manik's phone or simply a bib. It is just hilarious to hear her say it!  And she says it so seriously and very matter of fact!  My baby is growing up it is happening way to fast! I just can't believe that she is going to be two next month! Our lives have changed so much and are far more interesting and enjoyable with our all of our babies, even the big one!

Laila and I went to church this evening and over the Christmas Season we would go visit the Nativity Scene after Mass. Laila really enjoyed seeing Baby Jesus and his Mama and Daddy. I think it helped her understand why were going to Church and who we were going to go see. So when we arrived at church tonight I had to forewarn her that Baby Jesus had gone bye bye with his Mommy and Daddy. She could not stop talking about it the entire mass! I think every one around us heard about forty times about Baby Jesus going bye bye! She is so smart! I just love that girl!

Lastly, Jai is soooo close to taking his first step! Everyday I just keep waiting for it!   I will keep you posted on his progress!  That boy is going to be unstoppable once he can walk!  Lord help me!

XO Heidi

Laila and her Daddy

Missy just doing her thing!