Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 5 - Jai Jai

Jai is growing so fast, today he said his first word! The big word was "uh oh"! He is so precious, wild and pure boy! Jai is so cuddly and sweet, his smiles just light my heart! I captured a few quick pics of Jai and his two bottom teeth. That boy loves to smile for the camera!

Laila also had a first today, she started gymnastics! She was a little shy and unsure of what it was all about but she quickly caught on! I think after a few more times she will be golden. The teachers are fantastic, and the program is really great for the kids coordination and balance as well as following directions! I wished I was a kid again and could do some of the fun stuff they were doing. I didn't take any pics but I will try next time!

I have decided to post 365 days of the year! I sure hope I can stick with it, I think it would be so wonderful to capture the next year of my babies lives.