Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 16 - Pop-a-Squat and no picture Sunday

I promised Laila that I would take her "sliding" (also known as going to the park to play on the slides) once she woke up from her nap today.  Like most toddlers, once she is told something once, she never forgets!  As a result of my promise she laid in bed for two and half hours talking and playing and never fell asleep!  Everytime I would go in there to tell her to go to sleep she would say "Laila wake ups, Laila go sliding!".  We eventually had to get her out of bed and just give up on the nap all together!  To stay true to my promise I loaded up the babies and we went to the park! 

We met Baby Wilder and Elizabeth up there and had a great time "sliding"!  After a few times down the slide Laila announced she had to go potty!  Left with little choice we had to pop-a-squat and do our business on the grass!  Elizabeth and I were very impressed with Laila's squatting abilities!  Once business was taken care of we were back to sliding!  Thanks goodness for these precious few warm days throughout the winter, they are the only thing giving me hope that Spring is coming soon! 

I am so proud of how quickly she took to potty training, we used the three day potting training method, and I would suggest it to anyone!  It worked great for us, we have had a few accidents but it is usually my fault!  Here is the link for more information! 

XO Heidi