Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 299 - Happy Halloween

I enjoyed this Halloween more than I ever have before.  Laila was a cupcake and looked delicious! And in honor of Curious George, Jai Jai dressed up as a monkey.  He was precious!  Manik and I walked with them  around the neighborhood or I should say Laila walked us around the neighborhood the whole time.  Jai Jai was a little unsure about the whole situation until he realized candy was involved, then he had no problem keeping his hat on and walking to the door with Laila.  They cracked us up the whole way and we just beamed with pride.

Happy Halloween!


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 297 - Dinner, mummies and cuteness!

On Thursday I met up with some of my favorite girls from college.  It was wonderful to catch up and share a wonderful dinner!  These girls were really there for me during one of the hardest times of my life.  I am so thrilled to be back in the same city as they are!

A few days ago we made mummy pizza's in honor of Halloween!  They were super easy and spookily good!

And last but not least, Arjun snapped this adorable picture of Laila and Jai.  This is Jai's new "cheese" face! I  just want to squeeze him and give him a million kisses...oh wait I did!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 295 - GO CARDS!!!

Whoo hoooo!!! The Cardinals are going Game 7 of the World Series!  This has been an exciting night and we are so pumped.  Not sure Manik is going to be able to sleep tonight!

This is my favorite Cardinals player, David Freese!  He has been a solid hitter all series! 
 He also sent us the Game 7!

My other favorite player is Lance Berkman, he reminds me of a truck driver but he is awesome!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 294 - Happy Diwali and first snow

Diwali is the known as the "festival of lights and the beginning of a New Year for Hindus.  We had a mini celebration and lit several tea lights and wished each other a Happy Diwali. In a typical Hindu home on Diwali you would leave all your lights on, wear new clothes and share sweets.  Ousr was a very small celebration compared to what many are doing over in India right now. 

 To give you an idea of how amazing the sight can be here is what India looked like from space today! Truly amazing!

Laila, Jai and Daddy lighting the diyas (candles) for Diwali.

What a HAM!  That girl loves a good celebration of any kind!

We also had our first big snow of the season.  The snow flakes fell for about 8 hours, it was beautiful!  

And while it snowed it kept our little piggies toasty by the fire!

All in all it was a wonderful day, except for Arjun who had two teeth pulled and three cavities filled!  Poor guy!  Pretty sure it is going to take a miracle to get him back to the dentist again!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 293 - The Storm is Coming

This afternoon while the kids were napping Arjun and I made a trip to get firewood.  We packed up my car with a combination of  pine and mixed hardwood and promptly started a wonderful fire we got home.  The little ones love having the fire going, and for some mystical reason it creates the most comfy and inviting mood.  We read books, played "hair stylist" (Laila likes to "cut" my hair, but mostly it involves putting a lot of imaginary mouse in my hair and mussing it up), and building blocks.  I love fires and can't wait to have tons of them this winter.

It is starting to snow as I type this, the news said we are supposed to receive something like 6 -12 inches!  Can't wait to get Laila and Jai all dressed up in their snow suits!  Tomorrow we will be looking at a winter wonderland!

Just had to share this with you guys, lately Jai has become super needy and has started to experience some serious temper tantrums.  Let's just say our trip to the grocery store this morning was delightful.  So to just give you a glimpse of this "delightfulness" here are three pics we snapped when getting ready to take some family pics for Christmas cards.

Not sure what set him off, but here he comes.

We just have to giggle because it is getting to be so predictable.  As you can see Arjun and Daddy laughing.

But Mama isn't laughing because guess he coming for me and won't let go for the next 15 minutes.  Oh the joys of being Mama...sigh...



Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 291 - Catch up!

I have so many things to share with you guys.  Last weekend we invited Chad and Mandy and their families over for dinner and pumpkin carving.  Laila and Jai had a blast playing with kids their age, they were running around like sugar crazed maniacs...hmm maybe that is because they were!

The result of our carving fun!  This is Laila's pumpkin.

Manik carved the "J" for Jai Jai and I, of course, did the KU.

After Manik left to attend his Genghis Grill Convention we went to check on the construction status of his restaurant.  The construction crew had just begun the the day before and had made quite a bit of progress.  At the end of this past week the restaurant had been completely stripped down to the starting point and they began the saw cutting of all the concrete so they can put in the necessary plumbing lines.  It is so encouraging to finally see progress being made!

This Saturday we made our way north to Anderson Farms to pick some pumpkins!  The farm was so much fun, they had so many neat things to see.  

 We saw three hot air balloons on our way to the farm, it has been years since I have seen hot air balloons!  They are so charming!

Jai Jai and Laila sporting their homemade KU shirts!  Rock chalk Jay Hawk!

Aww my sweet baby!

 Laila and I ready for our cart ride.  It was a bit bumpy but Laila had a great time!

Meet Goliath, the gentle but giant cow of some sort.  He was beautiful and I loved him!

He likes treats and you can just set them on the seat of the wagon and he will reach it with his tongue, it was quite long!

 His horns were HUGE!

I wanted to take this hairy beast home but he wouldn't fit in the car!  

Laila and Jai found little gourds they had to have, fine by me!  5 for a 1$!  Can't beat that deal!

What a view!  God Bless Colorado!

Laila the photographer took this great pic of Manik and I!

 Again, beautiful!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 290 - Mama's going to work!

Yep, that's right I am going work!  It turns out that Manik and I are just a pair of entrepreneurs.  When we lived in Oklahoma City and Laila was born we began using a service called Love My Sitter.  It was a fantastic service, we would just email the owner let her know we needed a babysitter for a certain night and time and she would send us a great girl. Every babysitter was CPR certified, had received a background check and were usually college students.  We had our favorites, but we liked all of them.  When we began using the service Manik and I remarked that if we ever moved we should franchise the service, so when we moved to Denver it just seemed like a good time to start a Love my Sitter here!

My franchise is called Love My Sitter, Denver.  I am thrilled to be starting something of my own and hoping that I can help out with household expenses.  Once the kids are in school  I will grow my business even larger!  For now I am going to be able to work from home, I am hoping that I will be able to do all my work while the kids nap and after they are in bed for the night.  I signed the contract this evening and will recruiting babysitters in a few weeks.  Your prayers and positive thoughts are most appreciated!!

I will keep you all updated when my website goes live and when I am completely up and running!  If you need a babysitter just let me know!!