Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 284 - Grandpa's here!

My dad arrived yesterday and boy are we happy to have him.  It has been so nice catching up and watching the kids love on him!  This morning we went to a local church pumpkin patch and it was hilarious to watch them pick out tons of pumpkins.  We would covertly put the 27 random pumpkins they found back when they weren't looking.  After a  quick trip the park it was naptime.  We were all wornout!

This way grandpa, let me show you the way!

The sun was in their eyes, but really they were thrilled.

 One of his favorites

 And Laila liked this one, actually this was one of many!

He'll be coming around the corner when he comes!

Jai was in love with their wagon!

The best we could do with the sun in our eyes. 


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