Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 275 - Wink Wink

This afternoon the kids were being their usual silly selves so I got a few cute pics.  Jai is by far the bigger ham right now.  This afternoon I was planting a bush and I found an earthworm.  He was capivated, before I knew it he was laying flat on the ground nose to nose with the worm.  It was adorable!  He kept checking with me making sure that the worm wouldn't bite him!

Looking at Jai I realize what a big boy he is now.  It seems like yesterday he was a baby, I can't believe how quickly time flies!   I am grateful  for the fact that they both can play for long periods of time together and tell me what they need but I miss the baby period too!


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Anonymous said...

Heidi Great photo shots of the Kido
the last shot of Laila is fantastic