Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 151 - Dirtier the better, or so Jai says

This afternoon before we ate lunch I spent a few minutes watering the garden and a few new bushes.  I noticed as I moved on from watering Jai and Laila had found some mud to play in I was curious what each of them would do. 

A few minute later Laila is at the back door wanting to be let in so she can wash her one dirty finger, so we got busy with soap and water and she was good to go. 

Then I take another look outside and see this monster playing in the dogs' water bowl.  Apparently he wasn't too worried about the mud covering his face!

It became very clear at that moment that the person who invented the hose probably had several boys.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 150 - Milestone 52....passed

You might be wondering what could milestone 52 could possibly be???  Yes, that milestone would be toddler pushing  foreign object up their nose.  This afternoon Laila tore a piece off a styrofoam cup and decided to stick it up her nose.  She immediately realized that it was not a good idea.  She started breathing funny and I quickly saw that something was not right, and just had a crazy hunch that she had put something in her nose.  She was so upset and Manik and I weren't sure what to do.  At first it was easy to see, but after a minute or two it was even farther up her nose!  We contemplated spraying saline up her nose to try and just wash the piece down her throat, but I was really afraid it would get more stuck.  Then we thought about taking her to the emergi-care but as a last ditch effort we grabbed a pair of tweezers and successfully removed the styrofoam!!

She promises me that she will never do that again but I have a feeling if it isn't Laila, it will most likely be Jai Jai!!

So Manik and I are proud that we passed this milestone, but trembling in our boots about the next one that is on its way.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 149 - Fun in the Sun

We had a nice and hot summer day here, a perfect day for the pool!  It has been a full and fun day filled with sun, family and good food.  To say the least I am pooped and ready for bed.  But before I lay my head down and dream some sweet dreams I wanted to leave you a picture of Laila and her baby watering the flowers yesterday!  She tends to lose focus and other things get watered like Jai Jai but hey, he probably needs to cleaned anyhow!


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 148 - Best Day Ever

This morning we took Bo to the doctor for a follow up visit.  The poor guy left with a cone on his head!  Poor bastard.  He was not happy about it at all! 

After we took Bo home, we headed to the POOL!!! I LOVE the pool!  Jai and Laila had a wonderful time playing in the water and exploring the baby area.  Last year Jai and I always stayed in the shade since he was so young.  This year we are really going to get to enjoy the water and play until our hearts are content!

After we came home from the pool and napped we headed to Jason and Elizabeth's for Patrick (Elizabeth's brother's graduation).  Today Patrick graduated from OU Medical School!  He has worked so hard I am so proud of him! 

To top off my day I watched Laila in her own little world playing her baby.  She was just rocking her little baby, shushing her and telling her it was night night, all while holding her baby's pacy in place.  It was adorable and priceless.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 147 - Day in the Life

I swear every night these babies get a bath.  Scrubbed clean and smelling like roses!

In the morning they look beautiful and fresh...and then I go and make cream of wheat for breakfast.  That is the first nail in the coffin!  That stuff dries like cement on their faces, hands and clothes.  I scrub them clean for the first time of the day we head outside to water the garden. I know going into this that Jai is definitely going to end up wet and covered in mud.  This is followed by his first outfit change of the day!  After a short outing or a short walk around the neighborhood we make our way back to the house for lunch.  Laila almost always stays pretty clean and manages not to spill to much.  Jai is mastering feeding himself with a spoon and is doing a very good job at it!  He does not spill very much but once he is done and if I don't clear his place setting quick enough he starts getting creative and the leftovers soon end up on the floor and in his hair!

Now this brings me to the last part of our day, Laila usually sleeps longer than Jai so Jai and I have about an hour or so together to play and hang out.  This usually leads us back outside to water the front yard flowers.  This is most definitely when he loses his clothes for sure and ends up in nothin' but a diaper.  He LOVES every minute of any water play or being outside!

Just getting started...
 and five minutes later!
After Laila wakes up and we play some more we head in to make dinner and by that time the effort to keep them (Jai) clean is all but gone!  I figure you are only young once and if that means you get to run around with food in your hair and on your face then go for it!

 XOXO Heidi

P.S. Snapped an adorable pic of Laila and her Daddy!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 146 - Shiner and bandage

This morning while I went to get my haircut Manik sent me this picture...

His eye was pretty swollen all day so I am pretty sure in the morning he will have a black eye.  

In other news Bo, A.K.A Houdini, and Saahib got out of the backyard yesterday and made a run for it.  Luckily we have an awesome neighbor who has a knack for finding them and sure enough he brought them home awhile later.  Unfortunately they weren't so lucky this time.  Saahib was fine but Bo had a gash on his right front leg that was down to the bone.  He also had a few other cuts and scrapes.  I think he and a car had a run in, Bo told me that if I thought he looked bad I should have seen the car!  Not to fear, I am sure he will be back to his old tricks in no time!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 145 - Tennis Lessons

Oh it is starting young, Manik came home with a tennis racket for Laila. She practiced balancing the tennis ball on the racket and walking a few steps without dropping the ball. She did a great job, but lost interest pretty fast.  Our neighbor Tre'C was out playing with us and was quick to pick up the lesson and had it mastered in minutes!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 144 - Stick Family

Just wanted to let everyone know that we are unscathed by tonight's tornadoes. Please send up a prayer for those who were affected by Mother Nature. Last time I checked the news they were searching for a 15mo old baby who was lost in the storm.

May God help them.

XOXO Heidi

Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 143 - Swings

After Arjun's graduation we headed over to Jason and Elizabeth's house to pick up the kiddos.  Since it was such a nice day out we walked over to the park.  Laila and Jai LOVE the swings at the park.  I got a few pictures of them in action. 

Laila loves going super high, she is so daring in a swing!

Jai Jai just says "WHEEEEE!!"  it is so cute!

Wildman enjoying some shade

P.S. My cousins just had to put down their sweet mastif, Moby.  He was a gentle giant and he will be missed.  Moby we love you and hope you are enjoying Doggy Heaven.

XOXO Heidi

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 142 - Graduation Celebration!

This morning we attended Arjun's 8th grade graduation.  I can't believe how fast this year has gone or express how amazing this year has been.  When Manik told me Arjun was coming to live with us I was nervous.  I was worried I wouldn't be able to be a good enough mom to him, worried that we would have to work through "teenage" outburst, and other small fears of the unknown.  My worries and fears couldn't have been more unfounded.  Arjun was such a wonderful addition to the household.  He is so witty,  thoughtful and a wonderful brother and son.  He made us a stronger family and we will miss him all summer long.

As for his graduation it was very nice.  He even won an award ACT Explored award in Math, Reading and English and looked so handsome in his graduation get up.

It's official he has graduated!

Rosary Bulldogs

 ACT Exploration Award

Arjun we are sooo proud of you!

XOXO Heidi

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 141 - Laila get's ahold of the camera

This afternoon Laila got a hold of the camera and started snapping pics!  She actually got a few good pictures!

The girls got talent!

XOXO Heidi

Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 140 - Rack Em!

This afternoon I dropped Arjun off at his 8th grade graduation pre-party (his graduation takes place on Sunday but this is the only opportunity for the party).  Arjun was playing pool and I glanced over and saw this!

Where is the chalk, rack 'em!

Brotherly Love, melts my heart

XOXO Heidi

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 139 - Nangu (Nungoo)

This evening after dinner and before baths Jai went nangu!  That boy loves being naked just as much as he loves eating dog food, which I would have to say is quite a bit!

Right after this picture was taken Laila pushed Jai and he fell a little bit, and I kid you not 6 peices of dog food fell out of his mouth!  He's like a chipmunk,squirreling away food for a rainy day!

Sweet cheeks says goodnight!

XOXO Heidi

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 138 - Never Say Never

I have been telling Manik for about a year that I want a tattoo.  Of course I can't ever decide what I want, I change my mind so often so I am scared about getting something and then not liking it.  Every time I would tell Manik I want one he would tell me they are stupid and he would NEVER get one.  I would say, let's just go, you and me and just get something...spur of the moment...do something crazy.  Nope, wouldn't go for it.  So you can imagine my surprise when Bharat came to visit a month or two ago and they got to talking and decided to get a tattoo.  I wasn't sure how serious Manik was but he seemed like he was definitely warming to the idea.  Manik and Bharat's grandpa had an Om symbol on his arm and they they decided they would both get that symbol.  They ended up not getting it at that time, but recently Manik made his way to San Francisco to see his brother, shortly after Manik arrived they got similar tattoos.  I think it is so special that they are able to share such a meaningful symbol on each of their arms.

The boys got a tattoo that is a combination of the Om symbol and Lord Ganesh (the remover of obstacles).

I think the tattoo artist did a wonderful job!  Now, if only I could decide what tattoo I want! 

The lesson of the story...never say never!

XOXO Heidi