Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 148 - Best Day Ever

This morning we took Bo to the doctor for a follow up visit.  The poor guy left with a cone on his head!  Poor bastard.  He was not happy about it at all! 

After we took Bo home, we headed to the POOL!!! I LOVE the pool!  Jai and Laila had a wonderful time playing in the water and exploring the baby area.  Last year Jai and I always stayed in the shade since he was so young.  This year we are really going to get to enjoy the water and play until our hearts are content!

After we came home from the pool and napped we headed to Jason and Elizabeth's for Patrick (Elizabeth's brother's graduation).  Today Patrick graduated from OU Medical School!  He has worked so hard I am so proud of him! 

To top off my day I watched Laila in her own little world playing her baby.  She was just rocking her little baby, shushing her and telling her it was night night, all while holding her baby's pacy in place.  It was adorable and priceless.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


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Anonymous said...

love to be in the pool when she bends over like that, pull her costume aside and stick my tonge up her arse and in her p---y