Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 146 - Shiner and bandage

This morning while I went to get my haircut Manik sent me this picture...

His eye was pretty swollen all day so I am pretty sure in the morning he will have a black eye.  

In other news Bo, A.K.A Houdini, and Saahib got out of the backyard yesterday and made a run for it.  Luckily we have an awesome neighbor who has a knack for finding them and sure enough he brought them home awhile later.  Unfortunately they weren't so lucky this time.  Saahib was fine but Bo had a gash on his right front leg that was down to the bone.  He also had a few other cuts and scrapes.  I think he and a car had a run in, Bo told me that if I thought he looked bad I should have seen the car!  Not to fear, I am sure he will be back to his old tricks in no time!


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