Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 137 - Playing outside and my garden

Today was beautiful!  We had very little wind, which is uncommon for OKC and it was not humid at all.  After a quick run this morning we headed out to the backyard to play for awhile.  Tuesday's are our slow days so we just mosey around the house or yard and don't rush anywhere.  The kids had a good time helping me water and playing on their playset. 
I think they soaked up more water than my flowers did!

 Jai petting Sola.  P.s. he is wet from the hose not wetting his pants :)

 Kiss Kiss
 Hanging like a monkey!

Not quite sure if she was getting ready to push him off the playset or give him a kiss.  I'll act like it was the latter!

My garden is coming along nicely.  The snow peas are almost all gone, we have feasted on them for about two weeks.  They were delicious and enjoyed by everyone.  Next year I want to plant several more!
Right now my squash, zucchini, and tomatoes are growing quickly!  I can't wait to bite into a fresh homegrown tomato!  

I was reading up on zucchini and squash and was interested to learn that there are female and male flowers.  The male flowers bloom first and the bees and ladybugs pollinate the female flower that holds the fruit. Truly amazing!


The little yellow fruit with the green top is the female flower

 Male Flower

 Eggplant going strong!

Tomato plant

Good night!

XOXO Heidi


Neveen said...

Hey Heidi

Love the blog, i often spend 5-10 mins during my lunch break reading what your beautiful family are doing.

I should have said hello before!

It was great seeing The Old Man in San Fran. I am sure you heard we had a good time!

Have a great wkend

The Suri Story said...

Neveen, I am so glad you and Manik got to catch up. I know it meant so much to him to see you! I am super excited for the Suri Reunion, I think it would be wonderful for the cousins to know each other as well as a wonderful chance for me to meet everyone! Best wishes on the baby, I am thrilled for you and Cladia (sp?)!
Much love,