Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 147 - Day in the Life

I swear every night these babies get a bath.  Scrubbed clean and smelling like roses!

In the morning they look beautiful and fresh...and then I go and make cream of wheat for breakfast.  That is the first nail in the coffin!  That stuff dries like cement on their faces, hands and clothes.  I scrub them clean for the first time of the day we head outside to water the garden. I know going into this that Jai is definitely going to end up wet and covered in mud.  This is followed by his first outfit change of the day!  After a short outing or a short walk around the neighborhood we make our way back to the house for lunch.  Laila almost always stays pretty clean and manages not to spill to much.  Jai is mastering feeding himself with a spoon and is doing a very good job at it!  He does not spill very much but once he is done and if I don't clear his place setting quick enough he starts getting creative and the leftovers soon end up on the floor and in his hair!

Now this brings me to the last part of our day, Laila usually sleeps longer than Jai so Jai and I have about an hour or so together to play and hang out.  This usually leads us back outside to water the front yard flowers.  This is most definitely when he loses his clothes for sure and ends up in nothin' but a diaper.  He LOVES every minute of any water play or being outside!

Just getting started...
 and five minutes later!
After Laila wakes up and we play some more we head in to make dinner and by that time the effort to keep them (Jai) clean is all but gone!  I figure you are only young once and if that means you get to run around with food in your hair and on your face then go for it!

 XOXO Heidi

P.S. Snapped an adorable pic of Laila and her Daddy!

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