Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our baby is growing up!

Miss Laila reached a HUGE milestone! The day after Christmas we started Laila on potty training, and she was a STAR! That girl makes me so proud. After one small little mishap she hit the jackpot everytime! After the entire day without a poo I was beginning to get a bit anxious, but not to disappoint Laila came to perform! Just before bed she had a big poo and Dad and I were soo excited! We had to celebrate with chocolate cake, Laila was more excited about that than her big poo! Good times at the Suri house!

Christmas Eve

Oh, how I love the holidays and family coming together! On Christmas Eve we had Jason, Elizabeth and Wilder over for dinner. We had a wonderful time eating a fantastic dinner and catching up! It was just like old times! I have posted a few pics of the kiddos, they were hilarious! I am so looking forward to seeing them grow up together!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree!

Well we made our way to get a Christmas tree last weekend!  We visited a local church to find the perfect tree for our house!  It was a bit chilly but we bundled up!  I love this time of year, the air is so crisp and clean, and the lights around the neighborhood are so cheerful! 
Laila and I making our way to the trees

I had found the perfect one! 

Arjun took a quick pick before we had to put Jai back in the car, he wasn't feeling to good and man was it cold outside!  Lailla and I continued the search!

Here is Manik and Arjun doing the manly work of getting the tree to stand up straight! 
It is definatetly not as easy as it sounds!

Bharat and Rochelle had visited us this same weekend and before they left we took a few family pictures!  It was so nice to see them, we had a wonderful time catching up and playing with the kiddos!  I hope you guys come back and visit soon!

Jai and Bharat

Friday, December 3, 2010

Saahib You Crazy Rock Loving Mutt!

Thank you to all of those who have been saying prayers for Saahib! Saahib is on his way to a full recovery! If you have not heard the story here it is...

Saahib loves rocks, and has had two previous surgeries to have them removed from his intestines when they got stuck and he could not pass them. Well last week he got a wild hair to eat two rocks! I recognized the signs of him being sick but was hoping that he would be able to last the weekend so I could avoid the emergency vet but no such luck! Arjun and I could tell he was in a lot of pain, and was not going to make it until Monday so to the emergency vet we went! We loaded up the car with the little kids, dog and many snacks and treats to get us through the next few hours.

Once we arrived at the vet we found out Saahib had swallowed two rocks and that they had burst through his intestinal wall, this allowed all of the bacteria, food and other nasty stuff to leak out into his stomach cavity.

He spent the next few days in doggy intensive, I was really not sure what the outcome was going to be. At one point they had to give him plasma and if he didn't perk up he was most likely not going to make it. Luckily Saahib's desire to live was very strong and he is now home eating really well and barking when the babies are napping! Definitely back to his old self!