Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree!

Well we made our way to get a Christmas tree last weekend!  We visited a local church to find the perfect tree for our house!  It was a bit chilly but we bundled up!  I love this time of year, the air is so crisp and clean, and the lights around the neighborhood are so cheerful! 
Laila and I making our way to the trees

I had found the perfect one! 

Arjun took a quick pick before we had to put Jai back in the car, he wasn't feeling to good and man was it cold outside!  Lailla and I continued the search!

Here is Manik and Arjun doing the manly work of getting the tree to stand up straight! 
It is definatetly not as easy as it sounds!

Bharat and Rochelle had visited us this same weekend and before they left we took a few family pictures!  It was so nice to see them, we had a wonderful time catching up and playing with the kiddos!  I hope you guys come back and visit soon!

Jai and Bharat