Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 150 - Milestone 52....passed

You might be wondering what could milestone 52 could possibly be???  Yes, that milestone would be toddler pushing  foreign object up their nose.  This afternoon Laila tore a piece off a styrofoam cup and decided to stick it up her nose.  She immediately realized that it was not a good idea.  She started breathing funny and I quickly saw that something was not right, and just had a crazy hunch that she had put something in her nose.  She was so upset and Manik and I weren't sure what to do.  At first it was easy to see, but after a minute or two it was even farther up her nose!  We contemplated spraying saline up her nose to try and just wash the piece down her throat, but I was really afraid it would get more stuck.  Then we thought about taking her to the emergi-care but as a last ditch effort we grabbed a pair of tweezers and successfully removed the styrofoam!!

She promises me that she will never do that again but I have a feeling if it isn't Laila, it will most likely be Jai Jai!!

So Manik and I are proud that we passed this milestone, but trembling in our boots about the next one that is on its way.



Paula said...

Congrats on passing this milestone! We usually do the "hold your other nostril and blow" technique ourselves, lol. Tuck has also put things in his ears...thats one a bit tricky. But we've always been able to beat it out. Yep-I mean, turn his head to the side and hit the poor child in the head a few tiems until it falls out(not too hard, of course-hee hee). But Im scared of sticking tweezers in the ear.

Heather said...

Give that girl a hug for me and tell her Ms. Heather misses her.