Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 123 - Getting ready to visit Grandma

This afternoon, after we picked Saahib up from the vet(turns out he just had some intestinal agitation and is A-OK!!!)  we headed home to pack up our life so we can go visit Grandma and attend my cousin Katie's wedding.  From the moment Manik brought the suitcases home from storage Jai and Laila were obsessed with them!  They were completely entertained while I gathered this and that from each room.  I feel like I am packing up our everyday lives and stuffing into two suitcases.  I know it is going to be a pain putting it all back!

 I am really looking forward to visit because on Thursday we are going to Tanganyika Wildlife Park.  This park is AMAZING, you get to pet Red Kangoroos, see Giraffes inches away from you and feed Lemurs cranberries from you hands!  It is really an amazing park and a wonderful experience.  We went there last summer but Laila and Jai were still quite young, I think this time Laila will understand much more of what is going on around her.


A much happier mama now with all my babies safe and healthy in their beds tonight!



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