Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 293 - The Storm is Coming

This afternoon while the kids were napping Arjun and I made a trip to get firewood.  We packed up my car with a combination of  pine and mixed hardwood and promptly started a wonderful fire we got home.  The little ones love having the fire going, and for some mystical reason it creates the most comfy and inviting mood.  We read books, played "hair stylist" (Laila likes to "cut" my hair, but mostly it involves putting a lot of imaginary mouse in my hair and mussing it up), and building blocks.  I love fires and can't wait to have tons of them this winter.

It is starting to snow as I type this, the news said we are supposed to receive something like 6 -12 inches!  Can't wait to get Laila and Jai all dressed up in their snow suits!  Tomorrow we will be looking at a winter wonderland!

Just had to share this with you guys, lately Jai has become super needy and has started to experience some serious temper tantrums.  Let's just say our trip to the grocery store this morning was delightful.  So to just give you a glimpse of this "delightfulness" here are three pics we snapped when getting ready to take some family pics for Christmas cards.

Not sure what set him off, but here he comes.

We just have to giggle because it is getting to be so predictable.  As you can see Arjun and Daddy laughing.

But Mama isn't laughing because guess he coming for me and won't let go for the next 15 minutes.  Oh the joys of being Mama...sigh...



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