Friday, October 7, 2011

279 - Collection of happy pics

It is very hard to capture Laila in a true smile, once she sees the camera come out she either goes bashful or does some strange version of a smile.  Yesterday while she was horsing around I snapped a perfect one!

While the kids were napping Manik ran out to do some work and I took the opportunity to sneak Saahib up on the couch (a big no no btw) to cuddle with me.  Then for some reason Jai woke up early from his nap and wanted to cuddle too...and that is how Manik found us!  Guilty as charged!

And this is Jai's new smile!  

And my favorite, Jai and Daddy time! 

This is how Jai sits on the couch when he is watching his favorite show Curious George.  Oh and yes that is Laila's art apron that he wanted to wear while she was napping. 


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