Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 291 - Catch up!

I have so many things to share with you guys.  Last weekend we invited Chad and Mandy and their families over for dinner and pumpkin carving.  Laila and Jai had a blast playing with kids their age, they were running around like sugar crazed maniacs...hmm maybe that is because they were!

The result of our carving fun!  This is Laila's pumpkin.

Manik carved the "J" for Jai Jai and I, of course, did the KU.

After Manik left to attend his Genghis Grill Convention we went to check on the construction status of his restaurant.  The construction crew had just begun the the day before and had made quite a bit of progress.  At the end of this past week the restaurant had been completely stripped down to the starting point and they began the saw cutting of all the concrete so they can put in the necessary plumbing lines.  It is so encouraging to finally see progress being made!

This Saturday we made our way north to Anderson Farms to pick some pumpkins!  The farm was so much fun, they had so many neat things to see.  

 We saw three hot air balloons on our way to the farm, it has been years since I have seen hot air balloons!  They are so charming!

Jai Jai and Laila sporting their homemade KU shirts!  Rock chalk Jay Hawk!

Aww my sweet baby!

 Laila and I ready for our cart ride.  It was a bit bumpy but Laila had a great time!

Meet Goliath, the gentle but giant cow of some sort.  He was beautiful and I loved him!

He likes treats and you can just set them on the seat of the wagon and he will reach it with his tongue, it was quite long!

 His horns were HUGE!

I wanted to take this hairy beast home but he wouldn't fit in the car!  

Laila and Jai found little gourds they had to have, fine by me!  5 for a 1$!  Can't beat that deal!

What a view!  God Bless Colorado!

Laila the photographer took this great pic of Manik and I!

 Again, beautiful!


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