Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 24 - Buddha

Oh I know this post is going to make two people very very happy! Ranjna and Kapil this is just for you!

Recently when Manik and I were cleaning out some cupboards we came upon a Buddha that Manik's parents had given us. Today while Jai was taking a nap Laila and I were hanging out in our room. Until we find the perfect place for Buddha he has been hanging out on Manik's bedside table. Well Laila has become totally fascinated with him!

This morning Laila and I were hanging out in our bedroom while Jai was napping. She eventually grew bored of Sesame Street and set her sights on Buddha! He kept her entertained for about 20 minutes! It was hilarious, she was holding and cooing to him like he was her baby. I grabbed my camera and got some great pics!

Enjoy the pics!

Ohhh Buddha soo cute!

Found Buddha's nose!

Oh lucky belly!

Gotta get that burp out!

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Anonymous said...

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