Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 8 - Basketball and Spaghetti

Arjun had a basketball game this morning and we had so much fun watching him! I wish I was able to get pictures but the event but it was hard enough keeping Jai and Laila off the court! Jai was hilarious, he was sitting on my lap, flapping his arms and legs and just babbling his little babble, so excited to see boys running up and down the court with a ball! He and Laila were so good about clapping every time Aj's team scored. Of course, by half-time they both had turned their attention to snacks and everything else around them! BTW Arjun’s team won!!

I have often mentioned that Jai and Laila are very different. Laila almost refuses to even look at a camera and to get a smile is practically impossible. Jai on the other hand, just lights up when he sees a camera! I love taking pictures of him because he makes it so easy! He is such a cheese!


Of course no lunch is complete without Laila not eating a bite and running around the house like a wild banshee instead!