Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Halloween

Laila was a flower this year for Halloween, Arjun was a geek and Jai was a skunk but unfortunately never had the chance to wear his costume! Laila's school had a parade and gave out some candy, she learned really quickly that if she held out her bag someone would put candy in it! On the evening of Halloween we went trick-or-treating with the Keller's and Elizabeth and baby Wilder!

Arjun helped Laila go up to each house, he is such a good big brother! After a while Laila began going up to the houses on her own, needless to say she had a sucker in her mouth the entire night! Sugar high!!

Arjun was a geek as before mentioned and he too also had a parade at school. He played the part to a tee!

Lastly Arjun, Manik and I attended a Halloween party! We had a great time, played a few games with some good friends.

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