Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bye Bye Grandma, we LOVE you!!

My mom has been visiting us for the past few days and it has been wonderful!  It has been quite awhile since we saw her and she was a sight for sore eyes!

 Laila and Jai were napping when I went to get her so when they woke up they were so happy to see her smiling  face!  It was so sweet to see their reaction.  The kiddos put her to work immediately reading books and playing games.

While Sue Sue was here we went to the Denver Children's Museum.  It is wonderful.  The first thing you see when you walk in is a real fire truck!  Let's just say Jai was in HEAVEN, but a little intimidated. Next time he will have the courage to put on a jacket and hat.  Laila had no such problem!

Firefighter Laila!

 Learning about 9-1-1

Jai loved the bubble room, it was so much fun!  One is never to old to love bubbles!

 A giant bubble column!

And no museum trip would be complete without a grocery shopping trip to Whole Foods!This was Laila's favorite activity!  She asked to go back at least 15 times to grocery shop!  Wish she could do it for me every week!

Miniature check out stand!  It was priceless to see her putting all her items on the conveyor belt, then taking them off and then putting them on again and then taking them off.... you get the idea.

And our last station was the painting room, this was so much fun.  They loved the big brushes and unlimited paper!   They made some amazing art that most likely we will be selling in ten years for thousands of dollars!

Masterpieces I tell ya!!
To say the least the kids had a wonderful time and it was by far the most enjoyable museum I have ever been to!  Later in the week we went for a hike and had a nice lunch at Genghis Grill!  I was very sad to put Grandma Sue Sue on a plane this evening but luckily we know we will see her again in a few short weeks!

I asked grandma to take a few pics of me and the kids as I have millions of pics with them and everyone else but few with me and the two of them!  This was my favorite.  Jai's expression is just priceless!


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