Sunday, March 3, 2013

Big mistake and boatin'

So the plan for today was for Dadagi and I to take the kids to the toy store to pick out some nice scooters that they around the around the building and park.  They were so excited and we were excited for them, our first mistake was not telling them what were coming to pick out, I did not give them the speech about not asking everything they see and begging incessantly.  So we walk in and Laila sees a 4 foot tall Barbie and is in love. Long story short we did not leave with scooters or a 4 ft tall Barbie. Laila was heartbroken and threw a massive fit outside the store.  Dadagi and I just shook out heads at what a massive fail the whole outing was!

Later today we took a little boat to the Old Souk, the character and trinkets are beautiful but overwhelming at the same time.  They take aggressive sales to a whole new level.  Laila and Jai loved the ride and all that there was to see.

The Old Souk is located on the Dubai Creek, a known destination for all .  These are smuggler boats that take goods to Iran, India, Somalia, Pakistan and other neighboring countries.  They look like they have been around for hundreds of years.


Tomorrow we are off to the beach!!


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