Saturday, December 20, 2014

For the love of the camera

So a few days ago I received a wonderful gift in the mail from my dad!  It was a camera with two different lenses and something I have wanted for such a long time!  I was over joyed and the kids have been at my mercy ever since!

This is the essence of Laila, she is made up of pure sweetness and goodness.  She is my companion in all things GIRL.  She cares about cooking, and decorating for parties, and loving on Roo and watching out for Jai.  She is my love.  She likes her space and only gives hugs and kisses to those she completely trusts.  You are pretty lucky if you get one.  

My Jai Jai, he is one who snuggles in for a book or movie.  I can always count on him to make us laugh or come up with some amazing lego contraption.  He is also stubborn as a mule and is my wildcard.  I never know what he will do from one minute to another.   

Laila and her Saahib. Saahib is 8 now and starting to slow down.  He was my first baby and is still my loyal and constant companion.

Oh Roo Roo!  You are such a joy!  Walking, and sometimes talking.  So curious and adventurous.  Jumping off couches head first, and constantly eating!

Best Dad EVER!

Hanna watches L, J, and R three days a week.  She is a perfect match for our family.  Kind, thoughtful and so creative with the kids.  We would be lost without her! For Christmas she made the kids dinosaur and unicorn hoodies.  They are amazing!

So thank you Dad for the camera, I will put it to good use!!


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