Saturday, August 4, 2012

Late Summer Update

Our summer has been whipping along so quickly!  Being in Denver for our first full summer has been great!  One simple reason is the lack of ridiculous heat!  I am happy to say that today is a high of 80, while OKC is enjoying a nice cool temp of 110!

One of the other great things about summer is here is our neighborhood!  The kids have been taking swim lessons together at the neighborhood pool.  They have a class of about 7 kids and a lifeguard is matched with each child.  The lifeguards are so incredibly patient, kind but aren't' pushovers!  They put of with Laila and Jai crying through more than one lesson and managed not to drown them, like I would have been tempted to do!
But at the end of the day L and J both learned so much!  Jai can monkey crawl (crawling along the side of the wall) around half of the pool, but still needs a little help getting the courage to jump off the diving board.  Laila was a pro!  She is a super fast monkey crawler and got very brave and will go off the board without assistance!
I love that they are in the same class, each time they would take the kids back to the steps Laila and Jai would always make sure they were sitting next to each other.  It is the small comforts.  It would just melt my heart! Despite how they can fight at home when they are out in the big bad world they stick together!  That is everything I have ever wanted for them!

Shark Boy!  He loves this hat with all of his heart!

Missy May!

Looking brave but...

 chickened out!  Had to have some help!

Jai has also found a new hobby!  Booming.  This hobby requires the use of a real hammer and real nails!  I can happily say that he has not yet smashed any fingers or any of his sisters digits, although I am pretty sure the day will come soon!

These pics were taken by Laila, not bad for a three year old!

He will hammer anything and asks for new nails on an hourly basis.  I have found nails in my nailed into my carpet, back yard deck and our fence has so many nails in it it will take decades for it to fall down!  Jai is going to be my fix it man!  Oh and while he is using his boomer he requires that we call him "Bob", as in Bob the Builder!

Here are a few random pics for ya..

My garden has had gangbusters!  Fresh strawberries and tomatoes galore!  

 Home grown tomatoes, they taste amazing! 

 Dadima and her Missy!

and me and my Hubby Boy!  
We will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary this month!  Love you Babe!


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