Thursday, September 20, 2012

Poor Laila

Poor Laila, this afternoon Jai was terrorizing her.  She is no saint herself but I feel for her when he starts in, he is like a bull!  So this afternoon I broke up a fight and found her upstairs looking for her blankie.  I sat down and held her and she just kept saying," I don't like brothers!", "I want him to go away!"!  It was like deja vu!  Years ago I would beg my mother to give my brother Scott up for adoption!  He was probably in his early teens and there was really no chance this was going to happen but I bet you at least once a week I was literally begging to her to get rid of him!!  To my relief years later she did not give him up for adoption and I am so thankful!  I told Laila I used to do the same thing and it made her feel better. It cracks me up how history is repeating itself!!



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