Thursday, November 15, 2012

Back to school...just a little late.

Laila started preschool at W.H.E.E.  Her teachers are amazing and I love how much she is learning.  Currently she is on letter "I" and they made stone soup today.  She reported back to me that it was delicious, her favorite part was the pasta and the carrots.  Jai started "kindergarten" also know as mom's day out at St. Thomas More.  He is also learning so much, their minds are like sponges.  The funniest think about Laila going to W.H.E.E. is that every time someone asks where she goes to school and she says "WHEE"  Jai follows up with, "I have a wee too!"  This lovely little line has been told to many a stranger and every time Jai thinks he is soooo funny!  We are so proud!


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