Monday, January 30, 2012

January 28, 2012 - HOME!

We left Denver Wednesday morning and have been making our way one destination at a time, to Oklahoma City!  It has been a super easy trip and the kids have taken each trek of the drive like champs!!  We are now in OKC and it feels SOOOOO good to be home.  I didn't realized how much I have missed this place.

WILD Man!!  He was sooo tired, no nap all day!


Speed racers!

Yep, super tired!  He just wouldn't give in!!

The sky is soooo high!

Jason Junior


 Playing hide and seek

 Grandma and Jai Jai 

We are now on our way back and hanging out in Salina this evening.  We love staying out my cousin's house and spending time with family!

Daddy is soo ready to see his babies!


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