Thursday, February 2, 2012

February 3, 2012 - Photo Challenge & Hands

I am so happy it is February!  One step closer to spring and this is also a big birthday month for the Suri's..Mama Ranjna, Laila and I!   It is also the month of LOVE.  Lord knows we needs something  to look forward to during all this dreary cold weather!

I was on one of my favorite blogs last night,, and saw she was doing a photo challenge.  I accepted that challenge and am eager to have something to focus on for my blog!  So here is the list of things you will see in February:

Of course, I had my days mixed up and as a result am doing HANDS today!  Tomorrow we'll make up WORDS!

 Hands, I love my babies hands.  I love when they hold my hand when crossing the street, I would cross a million streets if it means I get to hold their hands.  Laila's hands are long and lean.  She has the longest fingers, if they are any indication of how tall she is going to be were looking at 6 foot!

Brothers!  Arjun and Jai are 13 years apart!  Isn't that just crazy!  Arjun has hit his huge growth spurt this year and his hands are just the beginning!  He passed me in height early in late summer and his one his way to beat his dad!

Oh Jai Jai, you are my weak spot!  That boy just knows how to turn me into mush!  I LOVE Jai's hands.  They are firm and sturdy, soft just beautiful.  When Jai hold my hand to cross the street, he will only hold one of my fingers, not my whole hand.  He melts my heart!

My hands, bony and wrinkly way before their time!!  

Manik's hand, long!  Now we know where Laila and Arjun get it!  Manik has beautiful long strong hands.  Hard working hands that provide for his family and put the roof over our head and food on our table.  God bless those hands.

Those little hands are just so sweet, I just want to kiss them!

Peek - A - Boo! I see you!


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