Monday, February 27, 2012

February 27, 2012 - Birthday Review

For our birthday's my favorite people came in town: my mom, Jason and baby (who is not a baby anymore) Wilder!  They arrived shortly after nap time on Friday and we were ready!  Wilder has grown so much and is no longer a baby, rather he is a opinionated and fully body boy!  It was really nice seeing Wilder just hang with Laila and Jai.  They tore up the toys and had a blast!  

We had a blast over the weekend!  I have to say that it is pretty special to be celebrating mine and Laila's birthday one day apart.  It was truly special!

Friday night we celebrated my birthday. Mom, Jason, Manik and I went out to dinner, we had a wonderful time!  We went out for a drink after and played some skeet ball and of course some shuffleboard (my favorite)!  It was perfect, just wish it could have lasted longer :)

Mr. Wilder was very happy to play with his cousins and of course their toys!

 Yep, nothing but mischief in those eyes!

Saturday was Laila's birthday and lucky Laila received a few presents throughout the day, she was over the moon!  Her first and favorite present was an outfit for her baby.  Baby is Laila's EVERYTHING!  

Daddy and his big 3 yr old!!

 of course Momma didn't want to be left out!

 Little brother enjoying the festivities!

Laila and her friends, from left to right...Jack, Carter, Laila, Ryan, Jai and Arjun.  
Wilder was there but couldn't quite make it in.  

And she turns THREE!!!

God I love her so much!  She makes me smile and laugh from the gut, I am constantly surprised by her wit and charm!  She is sharp as a tack and has the heart of a lion. I am so thankful God gave her to me!   

I was so proud of little man, he didn't once get upset when Laila was opening presents.  He just watched and was so excited for her.  He is such a sweet boy!


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