Sunday, February 5, 2012

February 4 & 5th Stranger & 10am/pm

Yesterday evening Manik and I went out to watch the KU/MU game at a local KU bar with a few friends!  We had a great time despite the fact that KU lost.  We left the KU bar and went a great hole-in-the-wall bar nearby where Manik put his pool shark days to use!  I also saw the perfect stranger to capture!  I didn't have the nerve to take a picture with him so I had Betsy do it for me!!

This guy was the doorman and professional hippy!  Rock-n-Roll baby!!  Peace out!

As for 10am this morning it came and went without me noticing!  And it turns out I will be hitting the hay before 10pm so it looks like this photo shot is a miss!

One tired mama!

XOXO Heidi

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