Monday, February 6, 2012

February 6, 2012 - Meal & Phone time

Photo Challenge Day 6
This afternoon I was so proud I got our dinner ready and put in the crock pot and then laid down with the kiddos for a nap, I was spent from the long weekend!  So when I woke up and I surprised not to smell dinner going, ummmm....that would be because I forgot to plug in the crockpot!  Those of you who know me are not in the least surprised to hear this news, nor was my husband.  Luckily the dinner was a chicken meal and not a beef stew that takes 8 hours!  This recipe was called Angel Pasta and it was very good.  My men had now complaints!  I found the recipe at Cleverly Inspired, a fellow blogger.  I strongly suggest trying it!  To top off the amazing dinner I got a crazy idea to make oatmeal raisin cookies.  I bake maybe once every three years or so!  Actually what happened was a few nights ago I promised the kids we could make cookies.  For christmas someone had given me a jar of cookie ingredients and all you have to do is add the liquids.  Well I did and they were AWFUL!  Arjun was not impressed as his mom is an amazing baker.  So I felt I had something to prove.  So that would be my true motivation for baking cookies tonight.  Luckily they were a millions times better than my previous cookie attempt!  

Angel Pasta

Oatmeal Cookies!

Also wanted to add this super cute pic of Laila on the phone with her cousin a few days ago.  She kept putting her hand on her hip and telling Jillian how she just enrolled her babydoll into gymnastics!  Cracked me up!  Of course the fact she is just in underpants tops it all off!  Jai Jai is just chilling snacking on goldfish watching the snow come down!


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