Friday, February 3, 2012

February 3, 2012 - Words

We try to read books everyday after naps.  The kids are fresh but still a little groggy from their naps so it is nice to time to sit on the couch and wake up slowly!  

Jai Jai loves sitting on my lap and just listening and listening.  His favorite books is about trucks, he LOVES trucks!  As a result I have now memorized ALL the different types of trucks....cement trucks, roller, cranes, dump truck, bull dozer..and on and on! Its such a boy thing!  

This book is both of their favorites!  They love that fact that he is MAD!  I think it is also a nice tool for them to know that being mad is ok and that everyone feels that way sometimes.   

Laila really likes this book right now, of course her daddy really likes reading this to her!  Laila unlike Jai will not sit on my lap but likes to sit beside us and listen.  She remembers the words to each book very quickly and will always finish the last part of any sentence for me.  Hopefully she has a better memory that me growing up!

I take the kids to the library once a week for storytime and they love picking out a wide array of books.  I am always so happy that they will take some much time to sit still and listen to all the different stories!  If anything it just feeds their imaginations which are growing more and more wild everyday!


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