Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2, 2012 For Bharat Chachu

I write this post with a heavy heart, my alma mater the University of Kansas lost the NCAA championship this evening.  They played so hard and with so much heart.  Next year boys!

Any who.....Bharat this post is for you.  I know how much you have been missing the kids and trust me brother we miss you just as much!  So little brother here are some pics of the fam and all that we have been up to these past couple of weeks!

Meet Nala!  The proud mama of 10 puppies!  I had the privilege of helping her birth your sweet babies with my good friend Brooke.  All I can say is she was amazing and I am sooo thankful God only gives me one at a time!

The early spring here in Denver has been wonderful!  The kids have been making good use of the sunshine and helping me get my garden ready.  It has been a muddy and dirty good time!
 Team work!

When Laila isn't playing in the dirt she is dressing up in her princess clothes (thank you Grandpa!).  We rented Beauty and the Beast a few weeks ago and sure enough out came Bell's yellow dress while she watched the movie!

I love this pic!  They love the lady bug and the super duper special park we visit on Friday's.  I love how they are each others best friend and play so well together...most of the time ;) 

On March 19th our Jai Jai turned 2!  I can hardly believe two years have gone by since he came into this world.  He lights up my days with his sweet cheeks, his intensely strong desire to fix anything with his boomer and screwdriver, and his adorable lisp.  He is my number one cuddle bug and I wouldn't pass up a minute of watching George with you than get one morning when I could be getting one of my millions chores done.  Love you baby!

And I will end with this sweet pic.  In the past few months Laila has blossomed into a beautiful big girl.  I feel like the toddler days are slipping away and she is becoming more of my companion.  I adore her gentleness, thoughtfulness, her desire for perfection and her strong will.  How can you not just fall in love with those gorgeous brown eyes!

Oh wait one last pic, this is one Jai took of himself.  Love those luscious lips!



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