Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 4, 2012

Mother Nature has such a sense of humor!  Yesterday it snowed all day, big fluffy flakes....and today...SUNSHINE!  This morning we were eating breakfast and the sun came out and and I said "Yay the sun is out!" and the Jai's response was, "Momma that makes you happy huh."!  He sure know me well!  When the sun is shining I am a much happier person.  SO yesterday high of 32degrees, and now today high of 60 degrees!  Love it!

This boy was on a mission, ball in hand!

Yep, eating snow...hopefully it wasn't yellow!  They thought I wasn't watching them :)

Love this pic, the snow falling, the bench and the beautiful tree with its flower buds and snow laden branches. 

On a side note...the picture was taken of Laila when she was about six months...

 and yesterday I took this picture of Laila...I love how much she has changed yet still stayed the same.  I also love that she still years this hat...thank you Keitha!!


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