Thursday, April 5, 2012

August 5, 2012 - Good night kisses

A few months ago I showed Laila to what a butterfly kiss was.  Since then she has added more and more kisses to the bedtime routine has grown and grown.  Our bedtime routine has takes a bit longer now, keep in mind these are all the kisses she gives me not the other way around!!  Here is how it all goes down:

1. Eskimo kiss (noses)
2. Butterfly kiss (eyelash to cheek)
3. Foreheads
4. Cheeks
5. Momma Kiss (lips)
6. Chins (This was added this evening!)

I absolutely love it!  That's my baby!  Daddy doesn't get these wonderful kisses, just me!  Just one of the perks to being at home all the time!


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