Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 335 - Surprise!

A few weeks ago I talked to Manik's mom and expressed how much Manik wanted his dad to be here for his restaurants opening.  So we girls got busy and planned a good ol' fashion surprise for Manik.  Manik's parents live in Dubai so coming for a visit is no small request.  So when Manik's mom told me Papa Suri was coming for a visit I was thrilled!  This afternoon Jai, Laila and I went to the airport to fetch Papa Suri, it was wonderful to see the kids with their Dadaji, because of the long and costly trip Manik's parents have not had the chance to  meet and hold their grandson.  I am really looking forward to some bonding time between the kiddos and their Dadaji.

To say the least Manik was floored when we walked in the door!  He was on the phone and between catching his breath and trying to end the conversation he was a little flabbergasted!  Father and son reunited, beautiful!


 Makes my heart happy!

 Arjun, Kapil and Manik all we are missing is Jai Jai!

Happy boys!


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