Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day ?? - Its been way too long!

Dadagi arrived a week ago today and it has been awesome having him around.  He is a wonderful help and the kiddos adore him.  I have been conducting interview for Love My Sitter, which is doing great!  I am so happy to report I have my first client and my first job last Friday!  Manik's business is also doing well, the store is almost complete and last week Manik and his supervisor hired half of their staff, they will hire the rest of their staff this week!  It is a very exciting time around here not to mention Christmas is less than two weeks away.  

Manik's restaurant has come a long way quickly!
General seating area
 more seating

 Grill area

Bar area

Food Line

I have to report that our Advent bags are a big hit and the kids love finding out what Cecelia the Advent Fairy left them.  Usually it is a piece of the Nativity Scene or a small present.  Also Christopher Pop-In-Kins, our friendly elf from the North Pole arrived this morning and Laila and Jai were thrilled.  Tonight when I went to kiss Laila good night she said, "Mom, I wonder where that elf is going to be tomorrow, I hope he doesn't leave and go back to the North Pole".  She just melts my heart!

We also got our Christmas tree on Saturday!  It is tall and beautiful and smells wonderful!  Laila and Jai also got a small tree for their room!  They love it and all the ornaments, which have slowly been disappearing.  Thank goodness they are plastic!

And last but not least some wonderful pics of Dadaji with Laila and Jai!


 Jai clearly was not impressed.

P.S. Dadima, we miss you!!

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