Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 337 - Our First Concussion, and it wasn't Jai!

Last night after dinner Laila was running through the kitchen and lost her footing, her feet came out from underneath her and boom landed smack dab on the back of her head.  From the hundreds of head bumps I  have seen between Laila and Jai I was shocked that it was this one caused a concussion.  A few minutes later she was vomiting and we knew we were in big trouble.  Luckily Arjun and Dadaji were here and could watch Jai Jai, so we could both go with Laila.  We threw a bag of supplies together and rushed out the door.  Once we got to the ER they immediately did a quick triage on her and sent us back to a quiet room.  It was awesome to know that other people were acting quickly to make sure she was OK.  She kept vomiting and I could tell the staff was a little worried about that. They tried to give her a pill that was supposed to help with the nausea but no luck.  Not long after they had an IV in her and we were sent back to do the CT Scan.  She was amazing.  My brave, graceful, poised daughter laid on the bed and did not move a muscle other than her eyes.  She was so brave and I was so proud.  The nurse said that she had never had a two year old lay so still.  Once we got back to our room they gave her some medicine via her IV for the nausea and you could just tell she felt better.  About 15 minutes later we got the good news the CT Scan came back negative!!!  Finally she got to dose off and rest.  At about 11:30pm they said we were good to go home!  Manik and I both exhaled and thanked the Good Lord for keeping our baby safe.

She had just received her IV and was very upset.  Poor baby.

This morning she woke up a little quiet and just wanted to rest, so we lounged and enjoyed  a day at home.  In the afternoon we saw our pediatrician and she said Laila was on the mend and out of the woods.

Tonight we give many thanks and have much appreciated for just putting the kids to bed without a visit to the ER!  Thank you friends for sending up prayers for our Missy.


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Sarah and Derek said...

Hi Heidi! I stumbled accross your blog and have added it to my reading list. I've been blogging for years and love it! Looks like you have a lovely family and are enjoying life. Hope you had and great Thanksgiving and have a Happy Holiday and New Year as well!