Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 345 - Fun play, Christmas and Norah

This week we all have been recovering from the common cold, unfortunately it has been all to common in our household since Thanksgiving!  I am so happy that the sniffling and runny noses are at an all time minimum!  As a result we have been spending a lot of time at home and the kids have gotten creative with their games.  Their newest game with Dadaji is called "Lazy Catch", Dadiji sits on the stairs and the kids sit in one of their comfy chairs and they just toss the ball back and forth.  This is become a daily occurrence!  Laila Jai have also received some new markers from the Advent Fairy so there has been alot of coloring going on.  Markers and crayons had all but disappeared because there was alot of coloring going on that wasn't on paper.  Hopefully they have outgrown that faze!

Just some fun pics I got of Laila and Jai

Jai was putting Laila to bed, on a box.  very comfy.

And of course this will go in the record books!  Yep those are her panties!  At least they are clean!

We thought it was pretty funny, and she was thrilled when I wanted to take a picture!

We also shipped Arjun off yesterday to spend Christmas with his Mama.  He was happy to be going home and, now Manik and I need to learn how to cook smaller portions while he is gone.  I never have to worry about making too much because AJ will devour everything!  There are never left overs!  Before he left we celebrated Christmas with him.  

Lastly, this evening we babysat for my sweet friend Brooke.  Her daughter Norah is six months old and beautiful!  She reminds me so much of Laila when she was a baby!  I just love this little girl, she loved watching Laila and Jai run around and do their thing.  Laila and Jai loved her as well!  We had a good time watching Miss Norah!
Norah and Saahib hit it off right off the bat!
 Kiss Kiss!

They could be sisters!

She just couldn't resist Manik's beer!  It was priceless!


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