Saturday, January 5, 2013

Favorite iphone pics

A couple of weeks ago I had a scare and thought I had lost my phone.  I wasn't worried about losing my contacts or apps but terrified of the idea of losing over 1800 pics of  Laila and Jai as babies to toddlers!  So I finally took the responsible route and uploaded them to my computer. Looking through the pictures was a long trip down memory lane and made me realize only one thing, okay maybe two.  One, I definitely want another baby.  For those of you close to me, you know this is nothing new.  Second, I can't believe how quickly they have grown into walking, talking, opinionated and hilarious little kids. Here is a snapshot of my favorites...

Brown Eyed Girl
I love those curls 

Laila was walking in the rain, and didn't have a care in the world.

Jai's baby smiles 

Daddy and his baby

Such a happy baby

He still loves to be nungoo (Hindi for naked)

Arjun is now so big, I love seeing a huge grin on his face.  Those are much harder to come by now!

Jai and his big brother

Absolutely up to no good, the same still holds true today!

This was Jai's smile this summer, it sounded more like a yell in real life!

I think Laila looks like such a big girl in this pictures, so poised.

Another example of his "smile"

He calls this shirt his fireman shirt.  He got the idea that the little logo on the front was a fireman, if you asked him what his name was when he was wearing this shirt he would tell you "Fireman".

Jai "hawk" Suri

Jai made the best darn cowboy round these parts!



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