Monday, January 7, 2013

January - To smart for her britches

To give you some background, Jai received a cake mix and candy cane to make Jesus a birthday cake on Christmas.  Me being a terrible mom did not make the cake on Christmas and have been asked by Laila no less than 20 times to "paaaaaalllllleeeeaaasse" make Jesus' birthday cake. For some reason or another I have come up with an excuse not to do it.

So this afternoon we were on our way to the grocery store and Laila was not speaking to me very nicely.  I told her that I did not appreciate being spoken to in such a tone and how do you think that makes Baby Jesus feel to hear her talk like that.  She was quiet for about two seconds and responded with...."Well how do you think Baby Jesus feels that you haven't made his birthday cake yet!"  I was appropriately chastised and in awe that she could come back so quickly with such perfectly  timed reprimand of her own!  Looks like were making Baby Jesus' birthday cake tomorrow.


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