Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Potty Training and new challenge

Jai has begun potty training and it is a painful painful process.  There have been quite a few accidents and quite a few successes.  I was truly afraid this day would never come.  But alas it has and Jai is doing great.  He is still scared to go #2 but we'll get there soon enough!


As for my new challenge I have been very unmotivated when it comes to exercising.  So yesterday after spending some time on Pinterest I came upon a blog called Crossfit Mamas.  The blogger is a mom of four, she lists the workout of the day and adds a weekly challenge such as no soda or no caffeine for 90 days.  I love the idea of the workout changing everyday but also that it is only about 20 minute long.   My first workout was this morning and it was perfect, hard but I new it wouldn't last forever.

I will keep ya posted on the results!


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Anonymous said...

keep up the great work. I am sure you will do well with this as you do in every thing else you try.
Love DAD