Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 302 - Big Boy Bed

This evening when I put Laila and Jai down for bed we had a "nice" surprise...yep that would be Jai trotting down the stairs about 2 minutes later.  Looks like he has figured out how to get out of his crib.  Laila never got out of her crib so I suppose we were due!  We put him back in his crib and asked him show us his stuff, it took him 15 seconds tops to get out!  So we ran back downstairs and grabbed the screwdriver, no time like the present to make his crib into a big boy bed!

He was still not impressed and insisted on coming downstairs with every blankey and pillow he owns.  This is when I called upon all of my "Nanny 911" education.  We kept taking him back up and it only took one hour to wear him down.  I am dreading how long it will take him at 1am.  That is his favorite time to wake up and reek havoc!

Other than our bedtime excitement, here are some cute pics of Laila and Jai showing some love!

I think 20 seconds later I was breaking up a fight :)


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