Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 326 - Advent bags and backyard play

I have begun getting a few Christmas decorations up but compared to the rest of our block I am way behind.  When I look out our bedroom window it is like looking out at Winter Wonderland!  Lights galore!  Looks like our new neighborhood is a big fan of Christmas!  I love it, it definitely gets me in the mood but at the same time I feel like we are way behind!

During the past weeks I began making Advent bags to put on the mantle.  Over the Thanksgiving holiday my Mom and Jillian helped me finish up the project.  My plan is to put a small note with clues on it in each bag and have the kids search prize.  Some of the prizes are little nic nacks but others will be the pieces to the nativity scene.  I hope they love it!

Wanted to share a few of these pictures, this is now a common occurrence.  The kids will go out to play and I will look up from doing dishes and see Laila pushing Jai all around the backyard in his truck.  The funny things is he is never in the cab of the truck, nope, he is always in the back.  Cracks me up!  And the whole time I can hear her just bossing him around.  Half the time he is on the other side of the yard and she is still yapping on about something.  He has learned very early on to block her out!

Yep, it was 11:30 and she still had her pajamas on.  Some days are just like that!

Caught me!


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