Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 314 - Thankful for Arjun

I am so thankful Arjun came to live with us last year.  He has brought so much to our lives, and not just Manik's and my life...but Laila and Jai's too.  The kids love him so much and they can't wait to horse around with him as long as it is on their terms!  Of course Arjun's teenage sayings are starting to come out of Laila's mouth, it takes all I have not to burst out laughing when she starts spouting some long detailed story and ends it by exclaiming "I'm a genius!"  I love when Manik is gone for the evening and I get to hang out with Arjun, he doesn't stop talking, tells me all about his day and repeatedly makes me laugh out loud.  He is so witty and charming, thoughtful and full of mischief all at the same time.  Manik and I are extremely blessed to have such a sweet boy under our roof.  I have to give much thanks to his Mama, she has done a wonderful job raising him and we are just getting the gravy!


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